Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PHP 5 Upgrade

Laura Thompson, author of several books and director of OmniTI, today presented a session about PHP5 Upgrade: Why and How at MySQL Users Conferece.

Mike Hillyer provides us a thorough summary of the session at his blog. Kristian Kohntopp wrote another summary post about how and why to upgrade to PHP5.

Thanks to Laura for putting the session slides online as well.

I wish all session slides were made available online as the conference is going on. I tried to download slides in the morning from oriellynet.com but they weren't available.

Mike pointed out a MySQL's press release announcing that on Sun, MySQL runs much faster (60 to 90 percent) than on Linux. I agree with Mike that its kind of unfair to compare with Linux on Sun hardware. He proposes an alternative, relatively fairer benchmarking suggestion.

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